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Pastor Steve Taylor

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Steve Taylor is an accomplished attorney and senior pastor of Trinity Christian Church of Suffolk.  With a passion for advocating on behalf of Christians and their beliefs, Steve is the director of Christian Rights Ministries, Inc., where he works to protect the constitutional rights of individuals and organizations.  He has also attained his Master’s in Biblical Studies and is a candidate for his D.Min, with his dissertation focusing on the unveiling of Mystery Babylon.

Through Last Days News, Steve seeks to awaken the church to the biblical prophecies unfolding daily in the headlines.  With a pre-wrath rapture perspective, Steve believes that the church will be present for the majority of the seven-year tribulation period and that Babylon the Mother of Harlots is manifested through entities promoting the Great Reset.  Join Steve and the Last Days News team for an insightful analysis of current events from a biblical, eschatological viewpoint.

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